Tuesday, May 11, 2010

does anybody have a band-aid?

.................cause I got all cut up!!!! Last night doing p90x!!!

Sorry for the dry humor I can't help myself! If you really knew me or handsome very well, you would realize we talk like this to each other on a regular basis! He will call me from work to ask "if I have my tickets?" when I say "what tickets?" He yells in the phone "to the gun show, I am on my why home to give it!"

I promptly emailed him yesterday morning and asked him "if he was ready?"

when he replied " ready for what?"

I simply stated "TOTAL MUSCLE CONFUSION!!!"

It's ok you don't have to point out that we are complete dorks! At least we laugh together right?

So P90X started last night!! Well really Sunday night, we took our before pictures, our measurements, and did the fit test! I will say I was nervous about taking the fit test, but was able to pass it with flying colors! Except the pull up part, I made it to a half of a pull-up...blah I will continue to work on that!

Monday night we started with chest, back and abs.....can we all say a collective owwwcchhhhh!!!

Our phone convo this morning went more like this "hey baby, are you sore?", to which he said "yep, how about you?" when I said I had to bring my hair to shoulder level to get into a pony tail, it was clear, that we are doing a good job getting cut up...in the mean time please don't make us laugh, cough or pull anything up!!!

I am proud of myself, back in January I would have never been able to even try this! Last night I swear it was pride and the tears from laughing at my super exaggerated and ridiculously strong husband that got me through the first workout! I am actually looking forward to tonight's Plyometrics workout!!

I unfortunately am too embarrassed to share my before photos but once I have completed a round and have something to compare it too I may be able to share the journey! We will see!

So y'all keep those band-aid's on hand, I am either gonna get all cut up or die trying!


  1. You sound like my hubby and I.

    Our favorite one we taught Kid#1 to say is.

    "Somebody take me to the vet" and then you say Why? and he says " Cause these puppies are sick!" :)

  2. Love it! I am posting my Day 28 stats and pictures tomorrow! You will get cut up!

  3. It great that you and your hubbs are so the same. Similarities are what make a couple last!

    Kuddos on doing P90x...it is killer.

  4. You should get a t-shirt with you opening line on it. :) My husband is big into weightlifting so he has a whole arsenal of muscle one liners.

    I think its great that you and your hubby are doing it together great support,motivation and someone to hold you accountable.

  5. You're brave to do it with your husband - P90x, not "it". I'm too competitive and would consider it with mine - but when I'm off work and can really focus on it.
    Have fun!

  6. I Love P90X.... "You can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds" and "Do your best and Forget the rest!"

  7. P90X is awesome! I can't wait to do it again once I get this baby out of my belly. Good luck with all of it... have fun!