Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The long Race report! and other ramblings

Sorry I have been M.I.A with Birthday going on's and I had a slew of family visiting it was certainly nice to see all of them! and they kept my kiddos so Handsome and I could sneak out for a birthday date! We went to a cute little cozy restaurant here in town and enjoyed Champagne and Appetizers I really had a great day...

So on to the Race....Sunday morning wake up at 5:45, I really wanted to give myself enough time to wake up, fuel up, calm down and be ready, today was the day! I had been talking to my own brain all weekend. I continued to tell my self that all I needed was 9:45 paces to do this...this would be pushing it but to remember that burn feels soooo goood!

I couldn't even get my coffee down my throat! ugghhh so not a morning person! I gagged on a PBJ and packed some things thinking in a bit I could eat! I drank water hit the bathroom, loaded the car, kids and husband and we were off. We arrived at the race with plenty of time to spare...the weather PERFECT 63 and a slight breeze, I had not stressed about my outfit I just wore my favorite shorts and favorite brooks running shirt....Sorry TMB , next time I promise to be more coordinated. (If y'all don't know TMB you should click on her and be prepared for the most hip running fashions, she even gets her hubby to coordinate! She must have magical powers!) Anyhow I was comfy and there were sooooo many people there that I knew! I began chatting and then slowly feeling hungry! yayyy I was able to put down a banana and bottle of water with minimum gagging!

Handsome being the ever supportive, if not completely sarcastic jerk Gem that he is said "baby you do this in 30 or under or I won't come back to another race.." thanks for the motivation baby, remind me next time to leave your ass on the side of the road....we kid, we kid! Anyhow, he only gets away with such sayings because he knows that the only thing stopping me is my own brain!

We lined up I managed to get in the middle of the pack, the gun went off and we were moving, I left my Ipod behind, today I wanted to be in my own head talking to myself, you can read that as day dreaming because before I could come back to reality there was some dude yelling 9:25....when I awoke from my slumber/day dream I realized I was already at mile 1...I thought awesome totally on track I can do this now how do I get back to that dream world?

I came up on the water stop and needed a drink my mouth was soooo dry! So I grabbed water and stood for a second and then took off again... I stopped because I still have not learn to run and drink from a cup...that stop my friends cost me 21 precious seconds..

Mile 2 the little chick yells 20:37, I was getting stoked I had 9:20 some ide seconds to get the last 1.1 and still feeling great knowing I could sprint the last .2 to the line....then I hear "you guys know they saved the killer hill'S for last!" I thought no way, Southern Maryland is as flat as flat can be.....ummm except for Civista hill when I was at the bottom I thought oh crap....then my little brain said "hey just sprint it out baby" and that is what I did Sprint up, not so bad let it carry me down only to find I was at the bottom of a long incline up, craaappp ....ok slow and steady wins the race right? and that is where I saw them, two of the most muscular dudes I have ever seen, dying going up hill I thought I am gonna chick you two so bad that when I get to the finish I want to be able to point them out to hubby! So I passed them on the hill, they passed me on the down hill, I passed them again going up they jump a cone to pass me.....and we are .2 from the line and the clock says 28.52, I looked at one and said "see ya" my long sprinting strides took over...

I was positive I was going to puke, muscular dude number one stayed with my for about thirty seconds, as I crossed the finish Handsome was there yelling and cheering and so were my cutie pies....I looked at the race clock 30:45 is what it read...so I installed the Boston rule (they allow the extra :59 seconds on a qual time!) My official chip time was 30:21!! I say it was a great day! I was proud, and felt awesome after wards....I know many of you are thinking it was a 5k what is this chick going on about? I would just like to remind you in January I couldn't run a half Mile, and now I had just finished a 3.1 mile race in 30 minutes, it was such a powerful thought to see how far I had come, my paces were 9:47( my first race in February it took everything I had to stay with 11:30 goals) which was just off my goal....stupid water stop.

It was a PR by 3 minutes....I have been on cloud nine since Sunday!

ohhhh and I got a Garmin for my birthday, it totally needs a name! I will start taking suggestions and there will be a small prize for the winner! If one of the names is picked! Hope everyone is having a great week, I will be around to catch up on blogs soon....but please be patient I am busy training for my 10k in June... :)


  1. Great job on the race!!!! I got my socks and they are AWESOME! Thank you!

    So happy you got a Garmin. Makes running and keeping track of distance so much easier.

  2. I totally forgive you on the outfit. It happens to the best of us. Congrats on a huge PR!

  3. A 3 minute PR - That is rockin' it!

  4. Great Job on your PR!! And a 5k is a big deal, any race is just as important as any!!

  5. hahaha! Your hubbies humor sounds much like my hubby's! Congrats on your PR! You rock lady!

  6. Yay for beating the muscle dudes and PRing!! I love givng people a run for their money on the course.
    Garmin Names:
    Bo- in hebrew it means strong and fast.
    Tadita- runner in native american
    Fleta- swift

  7. Awesome! That is serious progress, especially when you think about the fact that you are really just getting started. Way to go!

  8. Congratulations on the PR!!! It sounds like you did great. And, I think a 5K is a big deal!

  9. Wow...awesome PR!! CONGRATS!!!!

  10. Lucky you getting a garmin! That will certainly help you keep track of all the "big deals" you score over the next little while:)

  11. congrats on the pr!! soo close to that sub-30 ;)

    ok drinking water... you are probly gonna have to suck it up and get some spilled on you! it's easiest when races use paper cups so you can bend them and then sip out of the narrow crack you make (less chance of wearing it, more likely to drink some). your pace slows, but at least you are still moving. also if the cup is too full just pour a little out before bending and sipping. for the races that use plastic cups... well the bend-method doesn't work so well there. c'mon girl just drink on the run! :)

    nice score on the garmin!

  12. Wow! Great race re-cap and congrats on your PR. I had chills reading your finish.