Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three exciting things Thursday!

Part two of my memorial day weekend stories will have to wait...It is


1. Last night, I was privileged enough to be able to meet Sarah Bowen Shea, one of the authors of Run Like A Mother. I did not make it in time to run with her, but I did hear her read, have my book signed, win a giveaway, talk to her, comment that I cannot believe how tall she is and meet other really cool running Moms! It was a Blast! and I will get to see her again this weekend at Zooma Annapolis(my first 10k race).

See what I mean by tall? or Maybe I am just super short! I had on 5 inch heels!

2. Hot hot hot weather! I have been trying to get acclimated to the heat and humidity but it is tough! I read that if you do your runs at a slower pace in the heat of the day for a few weeks your body will get use to it! I set out yesterday at 2:00 p.m. it was 91 degrees and sticky....I had the jogger and I made it 2.5 very sweaty miles....I did fine but my face it was so hot it was purple! Although, I have to say when I sweat that much I just tell myself it is the fat melting right from me :)

3. Our little garden is starting to produce....well produce! We actually had enough crop from it Monday to make a salad! It is so fun to grow veggies and be able to cook and eat them! The kids are in heaven when they get a crop and this makes me happy, I feel like this is one step closer to driving home healthy eating!

Little Missy harvesting her crop

Itty bitty and her carrot

Our "Garden" Salad! everything in it is from our Garden!!!

I hope every one has a great Thursday....I have another giveaway coming so keep watching!!


  1. How cool you met SBS! Is that a Lululemon store? And does SBS have a sport bra on over her top? Probably not, it's early.
    Love that you're harvesting already and look at those cuties!

  2. Your girls are adorable!! Our old house had a garden and we loved it...can't wait to get one going at this house too!

  3. The pics of your girls in the garden are absolutely adorable!! And great job slogging through the heat, I'm impressed! I have such a hard time acclimating to the heat, I usually just start getting up earlier.

  4. Hehehehe Sarah and I are the same height...just so you have some perspective..

    GOOD luck in the 10K..

    I love love homegorwn veggies!

  5. I recognize that backdrop anywhere! I hope you enjoyed lulu, they throw so many fantastic events!

  6. Your little girlies are so adorable! And you look great with SBS. I wanted to get out to see her too, but I am waylaid by kids practices, concerts, etc. this week.

    Good luck at Zooma!!

  7. How exciting! I am going to meet her at Zooma Annapolis too! Have a great 10K!

    Your girls are adorable!

  8. Hey Erica--Very cute pic of the two of you (although I, like somebody else, is wondering what she's wearing???). I've got about five inches on SBS, so we'd make a good pic! :) Good luck in your 10k! Dimity

  9. good luck in the 10k this weekend!

    yeah i try to acclimate to the heat before/as it arrives but it doesn't seem to work. always takes longer than expected.

  10. Good luck in the 10k! So jealous of the garden. Our yard is too shady to successfully grow things.