Wednesday, May 5, 2010

forgive me??

Please don't be mad.....I have been going two weeks strong! Two weeks with no excuses and today it happened. Today I excused myself from not running...can I explain? Maybe you will let me off the hook, I promise you, I will try not to be dramtic lengthy!

*Last night*
After enjoying a short run and a cup of coffee with hubby, I settled down around 11, no sooner did my little brain go to la la land, Itty bitty let out a shrill...(this is not uncommon for her in the middle of the night, little weirdo) about a minute later she was really freaking out, so I got up, as soon as I opened the door the pungent smell of vomit hit me in the face!! Poor baby was freaking out because she through up all over her beloved baby! and was still going but was really upset about the baby!

I yell for handsome, he started the bath and I start cleaning up! Thoughts of what the heck is this from? are running through my brain, I was trying to remember what we had eaten and if she had anything that was particularly different. Nothing came to mind. Handsome finished her bath, I finished the bleaching of her contaminated items put fresh sheets on the crib.....she wasn't having it! She was begging to go downstairs! Ok I thought it is only midnight...I will let her settle and then we will get back in make a very long story short, we never made it back to bed! 7 changes of clothes later it was finally dawn...I was never so happy to see sunshine because then I could convince my body that it did not actually need to sleep! Poor kiddo threw up pretty much every hour from 11p.m. until 4 a.m and then a lull until 6 a.m.!

Have you forgiven me yet?

Ok well....after dealing with a tantrum from the three year old, because I simply did not have the man-power to get her to her beloved dance class, I schedule Itty bitty a doctors appointment, got everyone dressed, jumped out of the shower twice to catch some vomit in a trash can, got everyone in the car! Drop little miss at dance class, luckily I have dear friends who are wonderful to both my kids and I! (Thank you again K) ran to the doc appointment, got out just in time to pick up little miss at dance!

Hit the grocery store, we only stopped once while there to catch throw up

picked up lunch for the big one (little one is not allowed solids)caught puke in the parking lot!

made it home, begged itty bitty to eat a Popsicle, and feed little miss.

Itty bitty throws up once more and falls asleep, I finally convince her to get in her crib I really wanted to lay down, little miss had fallen asleep too!!

instead I sanitized my entire house, stripped all beds and got the laundry going, in hopes of keeping the rest of the house healthy...after that I dumped all contaminated trash cans, mopped floors, spot cleaned rugs and continued the puke laundry!

at this point running was looking grim, so I threw a shred in there really quick so I at least got some workout in! Holy smokes on level three Jillian kicked my tired ass!

I vacuumed, made dinner, passed itty bitty off to handsome (who was also up all night and worked all day) and took little miss to soccer...I was not so thrilled to be at soccer (sorry for my grumpiness) rush home, get ready for school tomorrow, shower kids,and myself put little girls to bed, go lay down and well wouldn't you know, now I cannot fall asleep! What the heck maybe there were drugs in my Water today or maybe it was the 5 cups of coffee I drank today, (I am a once a day kinda chick, with caffeine!) I feel completely wiped even my voice is horse, but I can't doze off.....and poor handsome just got called to work :(

what does not kill thou, will only make us drink more coffee or something like that!

So now can you forgive me? I just did not think I had four miles in me tonight, I still ate well all day, and I did shred! I will make them up this weekend I promise!

See I am not dramatic......right? I know, I am, I have a sick kid we have all been there, I just choose to justify my reasoning to you! I admire all you super humans out there, who run even on bad days!

After being awake for 36 hours, maybe I will go count sheep to fall asleep!

Happy Cinco de mayo everyone!


  1. Oh, poor you! I hope you don't have to count too many sheep before you doze off.

    Hope your cherub starts to feel better soon.

  2. Awww!! I'm sooo sorry! I hope she feels better soon. I bet you ran more than 4 miles with all that running around you were doing. I say you count it. :)

  3. wow. been there and done that and it wasn't fun. Poor baby, hope she fells better soon and you get some sleep. Hang in there mama!

  4. I think you get a pass, no question! Such a miserable thing when they throw up. Hope you all are feeling better today.

  5. So sorry to hear your story! I think having a child with a stomach bug is the worst of all sicknesses!

    I finally got to catch up on your blog! It sounds like your really enjoying running and I think you should look ahead to a 1/2 marathon!

    And on to the baby topic . . . well I love having a big family! (Four kids is big these days.) It is a lot of work but I wouldn't trade my four angel-monsters for having it any other way! Honestly for me the transition from three to four was the hardest. If I could change anything this is what I would have done . . . taken a break between number two and three! Like a five year break! :) Then had numbers three and four! The every two years really took a toll on me. Everyone is so different though. Bottom line - you'll never regret having another one! :)

    And finally, I posted my granola recipe yesterday.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Hope the kiddos are getting better! Make sure you rest up too!

  7. you could have stopped at getting up the first time and I was already understanding missing the run. Sounds like a very eventful day. You are better than me I would have made my husband call in I can not handle throw up at all. Hope your little one feels better soon. :)

  8. oh no! hope the little one is feeling better. get some rest - you need it!

  9. UGH! Puking is the worst! Hope itty bitty feels better quickly and that no one else gets it.