Sunday, June 20, 2010

Your a Dude...I mean Dad

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!

Handsome and Handsome Dad

See these two dudes? Yup that is my Dad and my Husband...on our wedding day! They danced we laughed and my mother said to me "they are so much a like" to which I snickered "I don't think so"......boy oh boy I was so wrong and she was so frickin right!

But you know they are a like and although I couldn't see it then I love it now. These two have got to be the best Dad's out there.

They are hysterically funny (even though sometimes this causes more eye rolling from my Mom and I then necessary)

They both agree "money does not in fact grow on trees" and "Young lady" is a term I knew and my girls now know as "oh crap, I had better stop rolling my eyes"

and they both need beer to do housework or yard work....make it icy cold too!

they both would agree (although maybe not admit) that a little ribbing to get the gang to laugh is ok (even if it means your in trouble with your wife later, they know we will forgive them!)

they distorted funny faces they make are more gross than funny

They both are hardworking,kind, loving, patient, and sweet.

There is a calm quietness about both of them, I think a meteor could be headed straight for us and they would both be kicked back...watching everyone else flip out!

They are both the best dads I know!! they take time with their children, to love them to teach them and just be there for them. They would do whatever it takes to make sure their families were cared for...even if it meant walking on hot coals.

They are both adventurous, as much as they are laid back.

They both know very well when to bite their tongues and they are strong!

The love I have experienced from these two dudes, is more than any girl could ever ask for and for my little chicks they have the best daddy and Papa any one could ever get.

In the end even if I hear for the rest of my life "they are so much a like" I will just nod my head and say "yup" because deep down I know I would not have it any other way

Thank you both for being the Best Dad's and Grand-dad's out there!!


  1. What a great dedication to both of them!

  2. I too have married someone who, in many respects, reminds me of my dad.

    What a wonderful tribute to the men in your life.

  3. aww, that's so sweet. You're very lucky :)