Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barefoot ???

Lately my runs have been going like this......I will set a certain number in my mind and take off...I will run a mile decide I can go on no further and walk..then run/walk, run/walk the rest of the way...ummm hello....six months into my new running "career" and I am wuss-sing out (I am not saying walking is a wussy thing, I am saying my mind is not strong enough to push through..calm down) it showed on Sunday at the race.

I was mad, and immediately wanted to run the race again. But, in my mind I knew I would have the same result. Monday I took a break and today I was still dreading my run..then a few things happened. I received Runners world in the mail! The awesome fit chick on the front was enough to send me into a tail spin...I saw the marathon training schedules and felt all sorts inspired....and I was a total grump all day....even handsome said "maybe you need to run" I quipped back a nasty "whatever".

Anyhow, my wheels started turning I thought "you know I really want to try a barefoot run" I live in suburban Maryland this would be a challenge if nothing else. I also just needed a short shake down run..and the weather was beyond perfect....ahhh the stage is set!

We put the kids to bed and I told handsome my intentions...(he has been wanting to try this for awhile, barefoot running.) "two miles?" he questioned...I said "yeah why not" I already have giant blisters on my feet from Sunday so shoes would hurt anyhow...and I was staying in the neighborhood so I could cut through on any of the paths and come home if it proved to be too much.

Anyhow, off I went...goal one was to run the entire time! No matter what...goal two not get anything in my feet! (ok well maybe that was goal one) so I was off! my initial reaction was that it felt so strange, I felt like my whole body was pounding the ground, the sound of my feet slapping the ground was odd....

then I realized about half a mile in that I did not have any of the foot cramps that I usually get in the first mile! Sweet! I hated that I had to watch the ground the whole time though. It was a dizzying effect for I would scan and then look up, also I saw the occasional dead squirrel and my germ a phobe mind did not like that my naked tootsies when running right next to dead carcasses..but you know what

I ran two miles I never stopped and I think my feet loved it! I won't do it all the time but occasionally to mix things up I will be all over it!! If you have not tried it you really should it is a completely different sensation!

Thank you AngieB for your inspiration and suggestion! It truly was fun and I liked it much more than I thought I would. If you don't know Barefoot AngieB you need to check this chick out she is a superstar!

After this run I felt renewed, refreshed, my mind was clear and I was happy...I love when you run and you go to a different land...that is why I love running in the first place! and I am total running believer all over again!(not that I really ever stopped believing it just was blocked) When does this roller coaster stop? you know the ups and downs?(I might puke if it lasts much longer, I kid) Anyhow now I am out for 10k redemption.....Watch out!


  1. Boy, we have alot in common . . . I am seriously considering running barefoot (due to injuries). I have run a few times w/out sneakers. And I am saving up money for some vibrams! Read the book Born to Run . . .it is funny and talks about barefoot running.

    Cannot wait to hear about your 10K redemption!

  2. Love your comment.. "I love when you run and you go to a different land." So true.

    Glad you liked your barefoot experience! I've read AngieB's blog for awhile and think it's awesome. I'm not sure if I'm ready to try the whole barefoot running thing... it just seems painful to me, although from what I read it's not!

  3. Can I just say that I can totally relate to the whole mental strength thing? I know my body can go, but my mind wants to tell me to walk. What's up with that? LOL
    Anyway, awesome job on the barefoot running experiment! I'm plagued with shin splint/ankle issues, and often wonder if the problems come from the shoes I'm in.

  4. I also have the same mental strain, guessing it just takes more & more experience to over come it!

  5. Glad it worked out for you! It's great that it revitalized you too. Keep us posted on your progress.

  6. That's pretty much how I felt after my first barefoot run =) Now I wonder why it took me so long lol!

  7. Awesome - so glad you loved your barefoot run! It feels so good to try something new that actually works, huh?
    As for the ups and downs...they'll come and go, don't be too hard on yourself. :-)

  8. Nice job on the run! I was going to do a short barefoot run today, but forgot to take off my shoes LOL. I might hit up the treadmill barefoot tonight.

    Glad your run refreshed you.

  9. I too am inspired by Angie B's blog. I've been wanting to try barefoot running.

    Awesome job on the run. Ok, the next time the kids and I are on the track, I will try it!

  10. Way to get out there and try it and I'm glad it worked out for you. AngieB is quite an inspiration, isn't she?

  11. Wow! Great job running barefoot!

  12. I think I might leave my shoes at home during my run after work. I have been itching to try it out since shoes seem to just give me blisters anyway. My only problem is that I use the Nike+ system (chip goes in your shoe) so I don't know if I could tie it to my ankle or something, if it would produce the same results. looking into it right now. Thanks

  13. So glad it was refreshing for you!! Thanks for the bloggie love too :)
    Barefoot running makes you land differently. You can't pound the ground instead you land lightly.
    I love your line about it taking you to a different land. So true!

  14. Barefoot running scares me. Power to you, Angie and others who have given it a go. Keep us posted on your next steps.

  15. Wow 2 BF miles starting out! Impressive :) Runners world cover shots just make me feel fat LOL.