Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back at it!!!

Last night was my first run in twelve days!!!! it felt.......goood!

It was hot, but not humid, this is a super bonus this time of year, my training plan called for a 3 mile run! My only goal to run the entire time! I picked a new route as to not get bored and dread every inch of it! It worked I was totally distracted with the hopes that no one would jump out of the woods and steal me, as the path I was on was backed directly to the woods.

I ran all the way to a local grocery store and back...I felt like laying on the road and dying when it was over.

A few things I noticed:

I am back to being really freaking slow, I mean I ran the entire time but I barley got my pace below 11:00 and that was just occasionally.

If you are at all semi-violent, setting your garmin to beep when you drop below a certain pace or heat rate is a really bad garmin is lucky to be in one piece today

Dumping water on your head mid-run feels so completely awesome

Flipping Mosquitoes need to leave me alone, I barley can put one foot in front of the other and there they were sucking more life out of me!

Mosquitoes is really hard to spell!

A dude in his mini-van yelled "don't sweat baby, just work it" and I was disgusted.

Bikers need to recognize just sayin'

my kids were excited that I was going for a run, not sure if it was the popcorn and movie daddy was gonna do, or the fact that I am a nicer person when I run.

Did I mention I am nicer when I run?

Is nicer a word?

Oh anyhow I need to fuel better and drink more water

I felt like Jalapeno and black bean chips were the best post run recovery

followed with a cup of coffee!

All these things are very random things I noticed, this is why I love to run! I go off into a different world and my brain is far into la la land....other than the huffing and puffing that still registers!

Tonight, speed work! 5x400's with a mile warm up and a mile cool down! Sweet! The weather awesome, 80 with no humidity, I could live outside in this weather!

Happy Hump day


  1. The weather is beautiful out! I don't know what to do with myself with this low humidity. LOL Anyway, great job on the 3 miler. I know about that Garmin setting too. It got turned off after the first time I used it. LOL I too am a nicer mom when I run. :)

  2. It's a good thing I am Garmin challenged as I would hate that thing beeping when I'm slow. Loving the weather!

  3. Very funny post! I think you discovered that you need running.

  4. Great observations. I also hate mosquitoes and that is a really difficult word to spell.

  5. I am LAUGHING thank you!! Mosquito is had to spell.. And chips with coffee... WElcome back and glad you did not blow up your garmin :)

  6. Glad you got back out there. There's a reason I don't use that setting on Garmin

  7. So glad that you got out there again. Be careful dumping water on your head when it's hot, hot; you don't want to end up passing out.
    Hope the 400's went well.

  8. welcome back! slow and running is better than no running!