Monday, June 7, 2010

My first 10k........zooma annapolis

We all have those days.....those days where you set out to do something and it just doesn't go the way you all!

Let me start by saying we had an amazing time! We were away for the night without the kiddos, and although I missed them cheering me on it was nice to have a short break! We had dinner with wonderful, amazing, silly friends, who we managed to laugh with for hours! Too bad, they know way more, about their crazy ass friends then they probably ever wanted too! It was still a great time!

Sunday morning wake up was an early 5 a.m. I had my awesome new "lu lu lemon" outfit ready to rock....I had my normal race day jitters and a fantastic nose bleed that left our hotel room looking like a murder scene (nobody be alarmed, I have nose bleeds regularly, I have a condition, and it particularly affects me in the warmer months!)anyhow we meet our friends and headed to the race! I wonder if our dear friends will ever ride with us again, as I am not so nice in the morning, nor does my brain work that well.

We arrived at the stadium with plenty of time to spare, thank goodness K brought bananas this chick is on top of her stuff....see above paragraph my brain does not work!

We got in line for the honey buckets, which turned out to be the hand washing station line so we cut a bunch of people but we didn't know and no one complained! ooopps that whole brain thing you see a theme here?

We went back and did more waiting, we said to each other " it was fine if we left each other" we got in the ten minute corral and found G, my sis in law (who found us really) we talked for a minute and then heard police escorts and we were off!

Mile 1 9:58

mile 2 9:59

water station...I decided to take water and tell K to go ahead....she is a super star runner who doesn't need much water, where I take it every chance I get....I walked through the station dump one cup on my head chug the other take off....

Mile 3: I am looking for K and G, K had on a pink shirt with a blonde pony an all womens race I was looking for a needle in a haystack! I thought I spotted her and then I felt and smelt a very familer taste....Blood I immediately shout "Crap" and cup my nose...I had not worn my fuel belt or any other accessory I had nothing and I sure as hell was not going to use my expensive lululemon cloths! in fact I leaned forward and cupped my face to make sure I did not get anything on my clothes.....I trotted up to a police officer blocking the road ... I said "I need tissues" through my cupped hand...he said "im sorry what" I uncovered my face and his look said it all, luckily there were medics less then 10 steps away, the patted me down with gauze while I sat on the side of the road...still being careful not to destroy my cloths. They insisted the "call someone " I looked at the guy and said "I am fine I have a condition, can you just get my some water to clean up!" they obliged although they were unhappy about it! I cleaned up dried up and took off once again Mile 3: 19:36

so there I was 5k into the race and 40 mins had gone mental block hit me like a ton of bricks. With 5k to go I knew the girls had to be a good mile ahead of me and I would not be coming in anywhere close to the hour mark! I felt totally defeated and this is horrible when this happens! I would jog/walk the rest of the mojo was gone...gone.... long gone!

I cannot completely blame my horrid performance on my nose bleed...if I subtract the time it took me to take care of that, my finish time would have still been an hour and 15 minutes! I have not been training well, and I have blowing off my long runs..I knew that going into this, but decided not to care...this is my fault I know that.

The course was beautiful there were a ton of amazing women out there! K and G did great and at the end of the day I still finished...nose bleed and all. I felt embarrassed immediately after crossing the finish line. Both about the nose bleed and finishing time...but I did and I am still doing my best to realize.....

A.there is nothing I can do about the nose bleed, they time I think I will wear my blood proudly it might make me look more B.A., given that I am not in brand new expensive gear.

B. I could have done better, and I know that, now I have to take a not so good race and let it empower me to do better, run more, faster, further! Instead of having the woe is me attitude or looking for excuses...I don't have any...I just need to be better!

I am ok with the fact that my finishing time was 1:22.21 I can only go down from here right...time down is what I mean!

lesson learned....and on tap for today?? Tri Training starts, today I start with a short swim and a short bike ride followed by a fun p90x chest, back, abs day....any bets on whether or not I will make it down the steps tomorrow?

All three of us after our 10k! Giant props to K as it was her first Race she is a total rock star...


  1. wow! craziness! at least you will never forget your first 10K!

  2. Sorry you had to go through that on your first 10k! But you will be back w/o a nosebleed next time and will rock it! Way to finish.

  3. Holy cow! That is quite the race report! Seriously, it's only gonna get better so you can totally look forward to KILLING the next 10k. Good luck with the tri-training!

  4. I felt totally down after the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half last year. I had a horrible stomach reaction to the drink on the course and it went downhill from there. I had high hopes for a come back on the 26th but due to my knee issues i haven't been able to train like I've wanted. I've decided to try and just enjoy the experience and aim for improving my huge goal in Portland in October.

    Good luck with everything!!! You finished your first 10K and you did amazing through it all.

  5. That's quite a bit for your first 10K! But you are're time can only improve from now on! :)
    Way to go!

  6. Cute outfit - I would have refused to get blood on it too. ;o) Great job finishing despite the bloody nose. Next year should be an amazing PR for you.

  7. Always take pride in a finish time, even if it's not the one you hoped for! I've had two races that were Epic Fails for me, but I looked around at the other people crossing the finish line at the same time, and it was probably their best effort. Sorta puts it in perspective.
    Very cute outfit (which, as we all know, is the most important part of the race)! :-)

  8. I agree with the above comment . . . take pride in teh fact that you finished! It was hot and miserable out and you still pushed through, even after the nose bleed and you finished.

    Sorry I did not get in touch with you before the race . . . it would have been nice to meet you there. What tri are you doing?

  9. Congrats on your first 10K! Yikes...sounds like quite a nose bleed. Too funny that your main concern was ruining your new outfit...I would be the same way!

  10. Sounds like it wasn't a good weekend for racing as I fell down at the start of my 5k and skinned up my knee, shoulder and fingers!! Love your new outfit!!

  11. First time posting! Congrats on your first 10k! Way to push through. This was my first 10k too.:)

  12. congrats on your first 10k!! too bad about the nose-murder-scene :( glad you are OK though and that it's (somewhat) under control.