Monday, June 28, 2010

1/2 Marathon traning kickoff..........a hike!

Here we go here we go again!!!

Today I kick off my training for the Wilson bridge Half! I need this, I need a solid you better run this many miles today or else!

Things in the running department have really been lacking latley but I am about to change all of that, I woke up pumped and ready to go today, when I opened my training log it was strength and stretch day! bummer I was totally stoked to run, but I guess that just means tomorrow I will be double stoked?

Anyhow, yesterday we decided that working around the house was really getting on everyone's nerves and we all needed a break. Handsome, decided driving about two hours north west to Skyline drive, might be fun. I was game and so were the kiddos. We grew up in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains about 45 mins from them and when we were teens we would always go for a hike or to watch the sunset or a picnic. Living in suburban southern Maryland there is not much in the way of scenery and we miss that.

Anyhow upon arrival the girls proceeded to run like crazy chicks! I finally got them to stop for a picture

After handsome talked to a ranger to find out how difficult the trail was we set off for a .5 mile warm-up (or walk to the actual trail) but first we had to stop and stretch

Don't mind Handsome he is a goofball!!

We sauntered along for a while looking at butterflies and flowers, approximately ten minutes in both girls were tired of walking! ay yi yi this might be a long "hike" After an hour or so we were pretty hungry and stopped for lunch

We convinced little missy to walk a for a while longer and we would alternate putting her on our shoulders and having her walk! The views at the top were breath taking! But by then 2 miles into the hike, the girls had just had it! and they both wanted daddy, so Handsome being the super dad he is hiked like this for more than 30 minutes...uphill

good thing he is super strong, had they been stuck with me they would have gotten left behind!

We stopped for a break right at the end to eat an apple!

and to attempt family self portraits

well we tried!

We managed 4.17 miles with the first two pretty much up and the second two mostly down, we dragged encouraged the girls to walk as much as possible but being 2 and 4 they did pretty well and got carried at least half of it!

Did I mention it was 100 degrees, with a heat index of 105 and a code orange air quality day? Gatorade and Popsicles never tasted so freaking good!

and I figured it was a good way to kick off 1/2 marathon training.

Hope everyone had a great weekend I promise to make my way around to check in on everyone soon!


  1. Adorable pics! The only good thing I can say about heat like that is you never have to pee!

  2. That looks like a great hike! Your pictures are adorable. I love hiking with the family...will have to check out that area soon.

  3. Wow, your girls are serious troopers to have walked even half of that hike! What a fun family day!

  4. Love the pics! What a great family activity. You are truly setting the example and standard for your girls of healthy living. Good luck with the training!

  5. lol. Your daughters are the same age as mine and you are much braver than me!

  6. You are a good mama. Hiking that distance with two little ones is a real feat (and, thank goodness for strong handsome).
    Great pictures. Your family is adorable.

  7. My kids would have whined the whole time and they are 4 and 8. Looks like you had a great time!