Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three things Thursday...

How is it freaking Thursday already?

1. I got up bright and early to go for a run....on my way out the door at 5:45 I called my Mom and told her to get moving...she needs motivation and some self belief we are here to give it to her! It was a lovely run, I am a wimp in the morning and getting my pace under 9:30 just could not be done for more than 10 seconds at a two miles I was done...but I ran those entire two miles! Tomorrow I will double it to four!

2. I am getting up at the Ass crack of dawn to run because...although still obnoxiously humid not nearly as hot, and all races are ran in the morning and I am hoping this will acclimate me to be a better runner/racer in the morning, especially for the half.

3. Tell me running buddies, the first time you signed up for a half/full Marathon did you begin to seek out 13.1 miles everywhere you went? On my way home from Virginia I could not stop doing this, I would see a landmark and drive, and at 13.1 miles so holy crap that is a really long way what the hell was I thinking? I am somewhat obsessed...maybe this is a good thing, maybe I will actual train really hard ...mostly because I do not want to die at the ripe old age of 27....doing something I "love"!!! Sigghhhh this could be a very long hellish fun and fit 12 weeks!

Have a great weekend everyone! Go Racers go!!!


  1. Good for you getting up and gettin those runs in I have yet to pull myself out of bed early enough to beat the heat I am thinking I may need to sleep in my running clothes as motivation. :)

  2. Good job getting up and getting out there.

    You are going to do just fine on the half.

  3. Great job on the morning run.

    We runners do tend to obsess. It's normal.