Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three things Thursday...

hmmmm I am feeling uncreative tonight so this will be short and sweet!!!

1. I love love love summer....have I told you latley that I love summer! Summer is when being a stay at home Mom becomes a really sweet deal....yes I do all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, running errands, bill pay, kid care on and on I do it all except make money...but now that summer is here my days of developing my children's lives are spent at the BEACH!!! yahoo we spent all day there with our dear friends and it was such a nice day!!!

2. There is nothing like a good song to make me feel my groove, or to turn around my mood...or to make me feel pumped....I am a total country music lover and I enjoy other music as well...ok I love all music but have our heard........"Lover, lover" or "I pray for you" you gotta check these out and my ultimate can't get enough of it right now is "hip to my heart".....even my kids can't help swinging their hips to these tunes!

3. I cannot believe I am about to admit this on my blog.....but latley Handsome and I have been back and forth, well really it is more me, I already know what handsome thinks....should I train for a late fall marathon (yes I said that a full freaking marathon) or add to our little family...I am torn! I really would like to have another kiddo....and I have been thinking for awhile the time frame I would like to be pregnant and have a baby would be this fall, being due late spring...but now I kind of want to do a marathon and I don't want to spend 16 weeks training and then end up pregnant.....I know these are selfish thoughts I guess I/we still have decisions to make!!

Look at these cuties in their Laken and Lila dresses!

Have a great Friday everyone!!


  1. Love the little girls dresses!

    When I trained for my first marathon there were four of us training. One pooped out after 10 weeks. Another moved away. The third one - got pregnant! :( and then I was left all alone to train! So sad huh?

    Anyway . . .

    If I could do it again I might have left a larger time span between numbers two and three! But then again you are young! There are many marathons ahead of you! :) Good luck in making the decision!

  2. Ok, we NEED to talk!! My computer will not let me email you for some reason, but your #3 is my main struggle right now. I was in your neck of the woods tonight to meet my homeschool supervisor at Borders. Oh, and that park is Watkins park . . . right off of Central Ave. near 6 Flags.

  3. Adorable pic of your those dresses!!! Enjoy your summer!

  4. I'd train for the marathon. You may or may not get pregnant during your training. If you do, it was meant to happen:)

    There will always be another marathon - but not always another chance for another babe.

  5. What about a compromise. Get pregnant the night after you finish your marathon (or sometime there after)! A June baby would be nice too :)
    Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, you just have to change your ideals and be flexible.

  6. forgot to add that if you waited until right after, you would be looking forward to two awesome things coming up!

  7. I love their dresses! So sweet.

    Why can't you run a marathon preggo? I ran one preg. I ran one with pneumonia. People underestimate what they are capable of. (oh no, i feel a soap box post coming on.)
    Seriously, you don't have to choose one or the other if you want them both.

  8. I'm with Angie. Go for both. My number five is 14 months and we're starting to get the itch around here again. The kids have been asking when the next baby is coming for the past six months. I want to run my first marathon in Sept and then we'll try baby. June is still pretty cool temperature wise here.