Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Izzy at 9 months

Happy fourth Birthday Baby!

To my sweet Isabella!

Where does time go? I was pretty sure five seconds ago I was deciding I wanted to have a baby and today here you are and your four already! Can we just freeze frame? can we stop time? Please? I can't help but notice how much you have changed this year and how you have gone from baby/toddler to kid!

Here is a few ways I would describe you.

Sweeter than a cupcake

Stronger than an OX

More stubborn than a Mule

Filled with sunshine

a total goofball

kind, caring, and loving

Total drama queen!

As smart as a whip

You are beautiful, and smart, you tend to know what you want and pull out all the stops to get it, even if that leaves me pulling my hair out. You have got to be the best negotiator in town, I am almost certain if the ever find Osama Bin Laden they will call YOU in to negotiate with him. (don't be scared, you will win) I think it is beyond adorable how you dress up in fancy clothes and parade around like a princess, mermaid, queen or Mommy.

You and Payton are completely insuperable, you girls play, laugh and giggle so much sometimes that I wonder how long it will last before she is stealing your clothes and you are tying her to chairs. You mother her, comfort her and love her and she looks to you when she needs something, it is often hard to believe that you are only two years apart in age.

Your love of movies comes from Daddy, you two can eat popcorn and watch movies for days! You are funny you will watch a movie once and then reenact it, turning everyone in the house into a character! Daddy is always the hero, you are always the damsel in distress, sissy is always your little minion and I always get to be the villain! I guess that's fair...and I am not bitter about it at all.

Your drive and determination is something I hope you never loose. I wouldn't be shocked to find you trying to turn water into wine and not giving up until you do it.

Your a fine little girl and we wouldn't have you any other way, you have turned from shy little sweet baby, into sweet not as shy big girl! Your laugh is contagious and can get an entire room full of grumpy people laughing hysterically, I hope you always chuckle like that!

May you continue to grow in grace and beauty....and less drama, your a wonderful sister and daughter! We love you more than we can tell you in words and hope you have a fantastic Birthday!

Love always,


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Isabella! Have fun today and all year through!

  2. Very nice. Happy Birthday, Isabella.

  3. Very sweet and she's adorable!