Saturday, April 24, 2010

don't be hokey!

When I said the other day I was tired of making excuses for myself I truly meant it! I still make excuses in my brain but then I counter act myself, by squashing the excuses. Persevering is a tough thing, but I think once we see the other side of our perseverance and what it can do for us, we feel good about our choices and it becomes easier to make good decisions.

I ran Crystal city 5k last night, again with high hopes, I had a decent training week and although I have been plagued with inner calf pain, I was not about to make any excuses for myself! I did not realize how many people were at CC5K, over a 1,000 runners holy smokes! Just looking at the crowd of city dwellers, and other active life forms made, a hunky chunky running Mom like myself cower.

I am usually totally pumped on Race day and ready to go, I am a middle of the pack kinda chick and even if by some not so weird chance I am the last runner, there are always the walkers so I won't be dead last....serious fear of mine for whatever reason. Just looking around at the crowd was totally enough to intimidate me last night! Every one was fit (or fit looking), they were young (I am youngish too) but I mean college age, we are gonna run this in 5 mins and then go party for the rest of the night young looking! I started making jokes to my husband, to look for me at the local hospital because the street sweeper would probably run my short ass over when the big crowd was gone! He laughed and agreed the crowd seemed like a fit one!

When it was time to line up I got lost in the sea of people! What I did not realize is that I had lined up with the 5 minute pace group.....ugghhhh crap, When I saw the mile one sign,I knew I had gone out fast, what I did not know is that I had gone out 8:10 for the first mile is where things get shady.... (if your still with me)

I saw 8:10 on my watch, and knew in my mind I was in trouble, but was I REALLY in trouble or is that what my brain was telling me? Either way I backed waaaay off and saw the water stop up a head at mile 1.5 by time I got there I was walking, when I walk the pain sets in, I got a drink stood there for a second or ten and took off again.

At this point I had stood long enough that the pain was bad no matter what I was doing, should I quit now? and hobble my way over to the finish line or push through....I can tell you guys, one thing I am not is a quitter, I may make excuses, I may whine, but I rarely loose an argument and I never quit! That and "Baby got back", was blasting through my Ipod, I don't care if martians just landed, if "Baby got back" is playing, I feel good. hey hey don't judge me......this mama got some back.....and I roll in a honda (nobody has to know that it is a honda mini-van).

sorry I got off track, anyhow I kept running slowly and painfully, but as I rounded the corner and so those cute little faces, on my little girls yelling, go mommmyyy, I couldn't help but sprint it out! My official time was 33.07. yup, it is a PR by 2 seconds! I hobbled over to the grassy knoll where tears began to squeak out because of the pain! Thank god for compression socks, as soon as I could slide them over my sweaty legs I felt much better!! The little ladies got Ice cream and we headed home!

This morning I headed to Pacers our local running store, I had "Mr. Chilsed calfs" as the authors of "Run like a mother"(if you have not read it yet GO GET IT....NOW) call him! He said that he did not think I was suffering shin splints, and my shoes look great! Instead his suggestions were
A. Growing pains of running
B. dehydration and lack of potussium thus inducing acid burn in thy muscles
c. Cramps from above mentioned things

All I really know is I paid $30.00 for some foam roller thing MR C.C. suggested...he was incredibly nice and had a wealth of knowledge, just a little bit sticker shock when you pay so much for Styrofoam! Anyhow hopefully all of this helps! My Mom had good suggestions too! Thanks Mom!

Ok so I just wanted you all to know that, I could not blog until I had answers to my issues, because I would be making excuses otherwise right? Nope I am being pro-active!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today I am thankful every patient Husband and children who follow me to my races, to watch me get all sweaty, upset with myself for not finishing faster, and generally thrilled to be able to race! Actually, I think it was the ice cream bribe that got them all out of the house! :P at any rate I am still thankful for their support!


  1. I wish I had seen you! That was absolutely me in the hot pink boston shirt:)

  2. Congrats on sqeaking out a new PR! WOOT! I know the $ is steep for styrofoam but my foam roller is my BFF and worth so much more. enjoy!

  3. Nice job on your PR!!! Let me know what you think of the foam roller. I have not tried one yet.

  4. Great job! Wish I'd have been able to be there last night. It was a beautiful night for it.

  5. you did fantastic Erica! Nothing better then having your kids cheer you on!

  6. Congrats on the PR! Yikes, you and I have the same fear! I don't want to win (well, I do actually), but I don't want to be last! I am far too competitive for that.

    Way to push yourself and power through!

  7. Congrats on the PR! It's great that your family could cheer you on. And the intimidation factor gets easier with time.

  8. That's awesome! I love it when people surprise themselves...there's more in those legs than you thought!

  9. Great job on the race! I can only dream of racing in that time!

    I hope what Mr. chiseled calves suggested for you helps!

  10. congrats on the pr! i'm glad you mostly likely aren't having shin splints. those can be a pain. i just got a foam roller too!! i loooove it. hurts so good :)