Monday, April 5, 2010

still wiping noses

ohhhh my I have soooo much to post about!! But things are crazy here right now, I still have sick little kids who it seems each night of sleep gets worse instead of better, we still have family in town which has been great to have extra hands and help.....and I still am sleep deprived so I will make this short and catch up again soon I promise!

I had a beautiful Easter Sunday, I got to go for a run with my Dad and my husband, I was nervous to say the least. These two men are the most in shape guys I have ever known and I thought I would be soooo slow!

I did great we finished 2.5 in 24.01 which was slightly more than a comfortable pace, but lately I have been thinking I need to push harder anyway, and I won't mention that my Dad was behind me the whole time and when I would feel him gaining on me I would speed up, I never let him by....I also will not mention that the only reason this was possible was because he is just getting back to working out after having hip surgery 10 weeks ago....all of these are minor details....I was in front of him and I am proud of that...

Needless to say we got home hid Easter eggs and watched my precious albeit sick babies hunt eggs and be in complete candy heaven!

I have little missy now going for Jogs around the house with my hydration belt! SO cute...I know I have not even had the chance to tell you my awesome Mama bought me a hydration belt because she is Well awesome and it is pink I loooovvvee it....I will tell you more about that later!!

I totally have to go to bed..Itty bitty sleeps until about 3a.m. and then the coughing and sneezing get the best of her and she needs her Mommy and sometimes you just need your mommy and I won't complain because there will be a day when she doesn't need me (or won't admit she does) and I will miss I will go sleep now so I can be a nice Mom at 3am...I hope everyone had a great Easter and has a great week!


  1. Sorry the kiddos are sick. So cool you get to run w/ your dad. Hope everyone is back to normal soon.

  2. Ugh I'm so sorry the kiddos are sick! That's so hard, poor things. I love that your dad ran with you--so wish mine could. :(
    Have a great week and feel better everyone!