Tuesday, April 6, 2010

have I lost my MOJO??...beware debbie downer post

grrrr....on tonight's run I decided that I was kidding myself, I was not a runner, I was not cut out for running and getting faster just is not gonna happen..I bonked I was totally over running at the 2.5 point and I was supposed to hit four...I quit I just flat out QUIT!

YUP I am a freakin quitter, and I am now so mad at myself I could scream it is such an obnoxious feeling really, I mean what the hell a weekend ago I was conquering mountains running a 10k and loving every minute, tonight I am ready to send my new skirts to TMB (although they would fall off of her) my bondi bands to Marcia and hang up my shoes.

It sure as hell didn't help that is was 92* degrees when I headed out to run, I love HOT weather however I do not like to run in hot weather! ughhhh I think I will go cry in my pillow this evening...

do you runner buffs have days like this? do you feel like given up? and what gets you through? am I a wus who should quit running? I need mega inspiration!!


  1. Dude, did you read my blog today? I stopped at 2.5 miles too. It's hot for the first time this spring - it'll take a lot out of you until you get used to it.

    It was just a bad run and the weather made it worse. In fact, I'd say the weather probably was the biggest part of the problem. You'll get your mojo back.

  2. Erica - Thanks for your generous donation to Girls on the Run. I really appreciate all of your support. I look forward to changing the lives of several local young girls during my journey. I have now raised over $425 in online and mail in donations and am overhwhelmed with everyone's generousity. THANK YOU for being a part of it!!

  3. Everyone has bad days! Those first summer runs stink in the heat. Try bringing water with you on your next run, that can definitely help you if you are feeling too hot, or just plain crappy.

    DON'T Give up! You have made it so far and you are going to keep finding success. If you want to work on increasing your speed, make sure you add some speed work to your training. It is pretty amazing how well speed work works at increasing your speed over the longer distances.

    Get those running skirts and Bondi Bands and keep trying! Remember that you Rock!

  4. my advice is to allow youself to stop if you are truly not feeling it. Your body and mind are telling you they need a break for whatever reason. Maybe you were not hydrated enough or are building new muscle which takes energy or maybe you are fighting off a bug. Maybe it needs some time to adjust to the heat. The weather changes can really eff with your head!
    It is very very hard to be honest with yourself and admit that it is a rest day even if you didn't plan it.
    Its not like you were being lazy. You got out there and tried. It didn't work. Cool. Now you know what that feeling is like and you can look out for it next time!
    I am sitting here typing this instead of running on the treadmill because honestly I might pass out from exhaustion if I tried. I am really wanting to run though! Its tough to rest. I took 2 weeks off (not by choice) and now I can run faster. Go figure. make friends with your body!

  5. You had a crappy day... a crappy run. So it sucked but that doesn't mean it's time to throw in the towel. I lost my mojo all last week and I'm still fighting to get it back. But I have a marathon to run and I won't give up! And neither will you! Cause you're stronger than that.

    (Sidenote - I seriously think there's some kind of mental bug going around bloggy land. You're not the first I've seen to have a lack of running mojo. You, me, MCM Mama, Kerrie, and Glenn appears to have just gotten over it... crazy.)

  6. While I would love your skirts, do not quit running. Bad days happen. Heck, even bad months happen. Leave yesterday's run in the past and move on to those in front of you. You're strong and you are a RUNNER!

  7. As much as I'd like to, I will not accept your Bondis! ;)
    Chalk the crappy run up to the following:
    HEAT--your body's not used to it. It sucks and is a huge drain.
    You've been having great workouts, your body is stepping up and adjusting to a new, improved level of performance. I gay run tee the next run will be better.
    Hang in there!

  8. I am not a running buff, but I sure felt that way last week! Nearly every scheduled run was a complete battle. I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of things. But on the other side of these feelings you'll feel great again. Don't forget it. Weather changes can suck your energy! Thinking of you. Don't give up. Just ride it out. (IT is ok to have bad days. You're allowed!)

  9. A week off is what always helps me! Hang in there and you are a great runner - don't think any differently! :)

  10. I agree with what everyone else said... Just chalk it up to a bad day! You are a runner, stick with it :)

  11. I had a bad run monday. Maybe from all the sugar I ingested over the weekend. Who knows. But I do know that if you are a runner, you WILL have bad running days. Sometimes you might even have bad running weeks....but because you are a runner you will push through. That is the difference between runners and everyone else. We push through! You will be just fine! :) Will be sending prayers your way!!

  12. girl we all have crappy runs. the temps jumping from 40 to 90 don't help either! you have to acclimate to the warm, humid temps - it is going to be tough for a few weeks until you adjust to the temp.

    while i certainly understand feeling crappy about only getting 2.5 instead of 4.... it's better than 0!

  13. This post helps me so much. I don't even run that far but I have bad days. And hot weather sucks. I'm not looking forward to it getting that hot here. Keep going {because I need a friend on this journey}. You can do it!