Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jumping the gun!

well not literally....but I think I better explain myself after my extremely negative blog the other day....I am just going to say it was a bad, bad, day! It is in the past and I have moved on!

Yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon I knew I was not ready to get out there and run again yet, for fear of having a repeat of Tuesday and the heat was still around, so I decided cross training for the day would be the way to go.

I did:
50 bicep curls
25 chest flys
50 shoulder presses
200 core moves

and 6 miles on my bike! I would have gone further on my bike but I was pressed for time it was little Missy's first night of soccer.

a few things got me over my horrible Tuesday, one of them was Isabella, she said to me Mommy...can we go buy some new soccer clothes for me? When I asked why,because she has a million pairs of shorts and t-shirts...she said "I wanna look just like you when you run super fast!" ahhhh she knows how to pull good heart strings so I did take her to target and Champion makes a little kids line, and although she is teeny tiny ( she still wears a 2 or 3t and she is almost four) I bought it for her and brought her home and sewed the waist of her shorts so they would fit! She looked very cute, I will post pictures later!

Everyone was so encouraging! Thank you, it is like you guys did not believe me that I was going to quit, which is pretty much what I needed!

Hubby and I had a loooonnnnggg talk last night about running and the need to push further, faster, harder, and my ridiculous mental games! It was such a nice talk and he made me realize that I often scoff at myself and a lot of times don't believe in I took this from our talk set a ridiculous goal and reach for your dreams even if it is a totally unattainable goal, you might surprise yourself at how far you get.

and here are some adorable pictures of my cutie pies from the last two extremely warm days! I hope everyone enjoys the day I will be back tonight with a post about my most awesome run.....that I am truly looking forward too...1 week 2 days out from race number 2!!

Itty bitty and her shades!

little missy and her "friend" georgette the earth worm

sisterly love in front of our tulips


  1. Very cute. Love the Target Champion line for girls--my daughter wants one of the running skirts and I think we are going to get it. Glad you are feeling better mentally!

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Hey you have to vent the negative stuff somewhere why not here? We totally get it.
    Love the pic. Thing 2 is a total peewee too! :)

  3. Glad you are feeling better. So, what ridiculous goal are you going to set? ;o)

  4. I just read your last 2 posts, and I have to say, it made me feel good to see that you also had a really hard run on Tuesday. I went out this morning with plans to run 4, and at 1.5, I felt awful. I made it another 1.5, but had a few moments of walking, and was so disappointed. I'm in NC, so it's toasty here, too, and I think it's just hard to get used to. Plus, the pollen here is out of control. I'm doing a 4 mile race on Saturday, so I'm just going to take it easy tomorrow and mentally prepare for that one. :-)

  5. I just caught up on your week. Girl....I have been there!! And just a week ago. I came home crying, totally convinced I was NOT meant to run. After talking to Hubster I realized that I have come so far, and bad days WILL happen. We can't expect to win every race, or go out there and run 26.2 tomorrow. But look back at where you started, where you are, and where you GET to go. Running is a journey, it has ups and downs, but's one heck of a fun ride! Don't compare yourself to others, you are only running for/against yourself. I'm glad to see you're being positive about it. Now...go post about your awesome-amazing-kick-booty run you promised us! :)