Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday ramblings and a Garmin Question

What a busy few days!!! No excuses though..I promise!

This morning I gagged down a banana and half of a powerade I hate both but whatever, I was skeptical but I loaded Itty bitty, in the stroller and we took off....4 miles later when I was done, I had Minimal cramping!! Yes success....maybe I do have a potassium problem, I am ok with that it is better then Shin splints!! I rolled out the rest of my cramps on the overpriced rolly thing....ouuucchhhh, that thing brings tears to my eyes but makes me feel better!

I had new cloths to run in...I have new brooks shorts, mizuno shirt and new brooks shoes to try out! Running warehouse is this awesome addictive place....if you don't want to spend money don't go to that site, their prices rock..too good to pass up rock! Anyhow, I loved my shirt and my shorts and my shoes they were all awesome, the shorts were a little on the short side but really comfy!

SO in a few weeks I will be another year older, and as I birthday gift I think I want a Garmin, I am starting to run longer distances and *wince* may be considering a half marathon soon...yikes that was hard to say! I actually have this ridiculous addiction to try a Tri-athalon I have no idea where that is coming from but anyhow my point is..

What Garmin do you all use? other than price, what are pros and cons to the one you have do wish you would have gotten a different one? I have no idea which one would be best! Helllllpppp pleeesseee

Inspirational me? In the last week, I have gotten my dear friend, my neighbor, my Mom, a pre-school friend and in-law into exersising! whoaaaa seriously some days I still have to talk myself into it! Now I feel even more accountable for setting a good example!

Organizational me? I spent all day Sunday clenaing my kids rooms, closets, drawers and so on and so forth! Their rooms look so gooooodddd! Today I finished the upstairs being the guest room, both bathrooms and my room!and washing walls. Holy smokes it is organized to a T! I donated 9 bags of clothes!!!! and numerous other things, wow I love the way my upstairs looks, now if I can just get downstairs done, I can quite my OCD, neat freak self!

I am approaching 50 posts! Yikes you better stay tuned there may be a fun little gift involved :) Ok on tap tomorrow weights, and a gentle two mile run! Yes I love two mile days!!!

Happy hump day everyone!


  1. Great idea for a birthday present! I don't have any advice to offer. I haven't had a Garmin for yeeeears! Loads of bloggers have them so I know you will get loads of recommendations.

    Great job fueling for your jogger run!

  2. I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 and I LOOOOOOVE it! I don't have any cons. They're all pros. I got mine off of Amazon for a good price.

  3. I have the 305 too and love it. When is your birthday? I have a birthday coming up in May.

  4. Forerunner 405 - works like a champ!

  5. I have the ancient 205. It's so old they prob don't make it anymore. I'm perfectly happy with it though. Wow you said the HM word! WOOT! :)
    Congrats on the cleaning: to me thats a bigger achievement than Boston.

  6. I have a 305 and I love it, I use it on every outdoor run and have never had problems with it (knock on wood). I've yet to hear of anyone having a major problem with their Garmin, I think all of them are a safe bet. Can't wait to see which one you get.

  7. You are on top of everything, girlfriend! Good for you!

  8. I have the 205 (I think - it's the one without the heart rate monitor). I love it. Just got it about 6 weeks ago on craigslist, and I paid $100. I'm like you - relatively new to running, and I find that it's really nice to see my pace, my distance, my time, etc. I also love going back and seeing my pace for each mile.
    I'm thinking of a half as well, but it won't be until December, so I'm looking for some 10k's between now and then!

  9. I don't even know what a Garmin is! LOL! I'll google it.

    I'm glad you may have found a solution to your cramps.

    You are an inspiration to many, keep up the good work!

  10. Oh I want a Garmin too!!! Enjoyed reading the helpful comments about Garmins. I never heard of on until I started reading running blogs! I like the idea of checking on Craig's List for one. I just have a hard time justifying the price - I am a little bit of a frugal spender! :)

    Sounds like you are an inspiration for many right now. Good for you!

  11. i have the 405. i like it :) the only 'complaint' i have is the bezel... sometimes it does not recognize my finger, but will 'recognize' anything else "touching" it. def a worthwhile b-day present!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog! LOVE yours!

    I have the 405. I like it very much! Also have trouble with the bezel at times, but overall love it having.

  13. Glad to read the comments on the Garmins. I don't have one either but would love to have one!

    Sometimes you can get cramps from a lack of Magnesium as well and you need potassium for the Mag to absorb correctly. Most people could use more. I like potatoes and sunbutter for a natural source and love Natural Calm. Its a magnesium powder you mix with water. Its super relaxing right before bed!

  14. Hey sorry I know this is a little late but I wanted to throw two more Garmin options out there! I have the FR60 LTD and LOVE IT. It doesn't work through GPS, but rather thru a small foot pod that attaches to your shoe laces. I was a little worried about how accurate it would be at first but my dad has the 405 (GPS enabled) and when we run together our Garmins read the same pace and distance down to .1! So I think its just as accurate. Plus it is a bit smaller and women friendly then the bigger Garmins and it is cheaper! Retails for $199.

    check it out here http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/GAR127/

    Also, I work at a running store and Garmin just introduced the ForeRunner 110 . It is designed for a women (therefore prettier and smaller) and it is GPS enabled! I haven't used it but it looks awesome. It retails for $249.

    check that one out here

    So if you are looking for a prettier, more cost effective option these two are great! AND if you order from roadrunnersports.com they will give you the option to join VIP benefits. It is a one time $1.99 cost but saves you 10% off your order and free shipping! Hope your search ends well!

  15. I have the 305 and I love it!!