Thursday, April 15, 2010

big achilles.....

My Achilles is swollen like ouch...Actually it did not hurt while running it just gets big and puffy after wards and is tender! I am not even sure it is my achilles but it is that area....sure I get rid of the inside calf pain and now this! Oh well I put some Ice on it and it will be o.k.!

Can't find my recovery socks!!! This should not surprise you I cannot ever keep up with my socks! I was doing pretty good with $35 recovery socks but I think my washing machine got hungry!

I totally walked tonight during my run...hello can you say wus! It was only for a minute but ummm I can't remember the last time I did that!

I am racing this weekend and I am overly nervous, I have not been able to shake my nerves all week....and who knows why?

I think I forgot to mention that I signed myself up for a 10k, all so I could meet Sara Bowen Shea of "Run like a mother"!! I also managed to suck my BFFFL into it, sorry Katy but you know you still love me and you will still be my BFFFL, and yes I happen to be twelve tonight!

I could not bring my brain to actually write a nice flowing post so I just hit the highlights, I am lazy and tired...time to rest up so I can be super speedy this my dust other racers...bwhahahah I wish!

All you Boston peeps ....good luck you have already made it! Now have the time of your lives!!!! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. How cool to run with Sara Bowen Shea! Have a great time and GO Boston folks!!!

  2. That will be awesome to meet SBS! Take care of yourself for your 10K!

  3. Sorry about your achilles! Take care of yourself and don't push too hard.

    Good luck on your race this weekend!

  4. I hope your achilles feels better! I'm icing my 'fankle' (to borrow a term from a fellow blogger lol) today. :(

    You know what I do to get rid of nerves? I picked it up from watching the olympics. Go sit in your car, or somewhere where no one will hear you, and let out a couple yells/woops/squeals. Just let it out through your voice. :) It helps!

  5. Hope the achilles feels better asap. Good luck with the race!!

  6. not sure if your race was this morning or tomorrow, so I hope it goes or went well :)

    the swollen ankle sounds no good... make sure you don't over do it