Tuesday, April 20, 2010

di di dum diddley deeee

I could write for two hours tonight, I have so much going on in my brain and I am trying to sort it all out!! I am going to do extended bullets so there is not so much confusion! Ok every one hang in there with me.....

First and foremost an extended race report, I am sorry the one from Sunday was so quick we had family staying with us and I did not want to be rude! I really felt good during the race but I was slightly annoyed that the course was not marked properly as in the only mile marker I saw was mile one and from there I had no freaking clue where I was and it drove me crazy!! All that being said, I heard a nasty rumor today that the course was actually 3.5 miles long and not 5k distance of 3.1....I have no idea if this is true but I would like to believe it in my brain because that would then mean I finished 3.1 in thirty minutes! Anyhow no reason to dwell on the past, I will get sub 30 before long! Although it was fun, I enjoyed it, and it refueled my fire for running!

uh-huh you heard me say re-fuel....pretty much since the day I bonked I have been in a hate relationship with running! I have not blogged much or told anybody because I was not ready to give up, I just hit a hard spot and had to work through it. In fact I only ran once in the week leading up to the race and was nervous because of it! I am blessed with a loving supportive handsome hubby who puts up with my freak show self on a daily basis, he was nothing but words of encouragement and jokes for the entire week! SO now I am back to my love/hate relationship with running, yup I love it when a tough run is over but hate the moments leading up to going running! Maybe one day we can take our relationship to the next level of all love....so be for warned Hunky chunky RUNNING mom has resumed!

Today I went for a run with itty bitty in the stroller! Hubby is away on a business trip and I was not going to let that be an excuse, because seriously I have been making excuses lately and I am done! there are no excuses anymore! So anyhow we parked and tried out the "rail trail" while little missy was at school. I had a hard time with the stroller this is the first time I had to use it and I was not a fan but it was fun to share my run with itty bitty she loved it! I ran and ran and OMG it is 10:30 and I have not turned around and I have to get little missy in an hour, I was at least 20 mins from the school!! and god only knows how far from my car! I took off running back towards the car, we managed to squeak out three miles in about 34 minutes, not too bad considering I had 40 pounds of pushing in front of me!

Realization today! Construction workers around these parts can be total creepers! Sorry I don't mean to offend anyone who does construction or anyone who's hubby does, but in these here parts, honking your giant dump truck horn at a Hunky chunky Mommy with her baby in the stroller more than once, is just creeper status all the way!! Unless you were about to run my ass over, please don't honk it scare the bejesus out of me!

Watching parts of Boston was sooooo inspiring! Woooowwww maybe one day....just maybe!

Decided today that maybe I don't feed my family so healthy! I mean I always make sure they get fruits, veggies, protein and dairy in their diet, but I also feel like I am a little lax about the junk food! This has really been driving me crazy and I don't want to obsess about what my kids eat but I feel like I need to curb the junk food to the tenth degree, it seems every time I turn around someone is begging for junk and I am not ok with that! I will be a better example as well, the girls and I made whole grain English muffin pizzas for dinner with veggies and it felt good that every one had a nice healthy dinner that they enjoyed!

Ok so I am back and ready to attack...(running attack to be clear, and maybe the next construction worker who honks while I am running)

Okay so I can't wait to hear about Boston! I hope everyone else is having a great week I promise to make my way around to make comments tonight!


  1. Good job on your 5K! I think a lot of people do stop running shortly after they start because it is hard and it does hurt! I have taken many a breaks from running and have had to start again and it is always hard. But I love to watch the progress that happens when I just keep going and training. See you have improved you took a whole minute plus more off your time! That is great! Glad your back . . . I missed your posts! Hang in there! What is next on your race agenda? And watch out for those construction guys (there is a lot of them around here but they all pretty much ignore me and I am fine with that!).

  2. You're doing so great with your running! So proud of you. I think those rough spots that we work through are great...just makes coming out on the other side even more sweet. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Strollers are tough... good job getting it done though! PS-I've seen tons of race courses (mostly through my hubby) that have been inaccurate... you probably ran faster than you think!

  4. Don't you just hate when the course is longer than it's supposed to be? You did awesome though. :)

  5. That junk food thing is tough with kids. The thing that has made it better around here is just not having it in the house. My kids do have dessert after lunch and dinner and I'm okay with that. But for snacks, it has to be healthy. Everything in moderation, right?

  6. Nice job on 5k+.

    If you don't have junk food, they can't get it. Of course, cold turkey will only have them gobbling it up with friends, at school, every time they are out of your sight. I try to limit what is in the house and offer yummy healthier snacks but I don't make a big deal when they want me to make brownies or rice krispy treats. That way they don't feel like I am keeping anything from them. Often just a little of that stuff satisfies them when they thought they wanted the whole bag!
    Good Luck with the healthy changes.

  7. motivation definitely comes and goes - hopefully you'll continue to find the "comings" and not the "goings"!

    construction workers ARE VERY SKETCHY :) well, not all, but like 99.9% of them are. a few are decent. haha. (i work for an engr/construction company). trust me i am very tired of the dirty comments/jokes!