Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ohhh January!!

January has reared it's ugly head!!! You see I am more of a Hawaiian type girl 80ish degrees with a gently breeze all year round and I'm golden!!

Too bad I live in Maryland where one day it's 55 degrees and your in a short sleeve shirt and running shorts (Saturday) and the next it's 19 degrees and you can't find enough layers to even consider being warm (today).

I hate being cold.....plain simple truth

That being said, today's 3 miler didn't suck. To begin with I was already proud of myself that this is week three of 1/2 Marathon training and I have yet to miss a run. In other previous era's of my running life I might get through the first week, never to the second and sometimes never even started at all, totally flaking on race day. Not this time, I am not letting myself quit.

I had a fantastic 5 miles on Saturday as it was the first time I had run that distance since Richmond. 3 miles today were cold to start but defiantly kept me moving! I keep having excellent first and second miles and then kinda dying off in the third or any additional ones after that. I refuse to care about mile splits.....ok well I care but I am trying not to get hung up on them and just keep my feet moving.

2012 is off to a wonderful start, I have many goals, hopes and dreams for myself this year most of which I plan to turn into a reality! In case I haven't told you I have joined Team Tough chik and I am beyond excited about these fabulous ladies!

I will leave my goals for another post, but I would love to hear what some of your goals are and how you have started off your new year!!


  1. Goals- I have 6 months to do this, but place above 3rd in a 5k in the 25-29 AG. Run a sub 30 min 5k. And maintain health and fitness for the whole year. If that means losing this 15 lbs I gained back then great, if it means losing only body fat great! If it means no trips to the Dr for anything scary extra great :)I have started out the new year by being involved in a fitness challenge and eating a vegetarian diet that I hope to make a lifelong commitment.

  2. Great job with the run! It is cold . . . I wimped out and went to the gym!

  3. Hello fellow Tough Chik! You can always come visit us here in Hawaii! Although I will say I miss the seasons! I'll regret saying that once we live in Missouri!