Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three things Thursday -rocking it out!

There comes a time where you start to love the run, it's not so painfully hard but still a challenge and your body craves the need to sweat it out!!!! ....I'm here at this place right now and I love it!

1. Trail Running-wooowza what a wake up call, Handsome asked if I wanted to get three miles in on the trail..."sure no problem" I thought my paces were much slower, the run was beautiful and then I was lost, the white trail turned into the orange trail, but I was still on the white trail( I just didn't know that) and it paralleled the orange trail Oh my!!! When I finally found my way my run was over and I was mad that I had wasted so much precious time trying to figure out if I was lost!! White trail redemption in my near future!!

2. Baby in the Jogger- On Thursdays I run with the babe (who is Eight months old yipes!! time flies) in the jogger on one of our local paved "trails" today was no different and I set out to run a gentle four miles, but wanting to push my pace as the jogger tends to slow me down quite a bit. Mile 1 -10:26 awesome, I am rocking this, Mile 2 10:43 still pushing the pace Nice, Mile 3-11:00 ok getting tired!! and then it happened... I bonked for the entire fourth mile I would stop and stand and then start running, I would walk a second and try running again....much to no avail I finished mile four in 12:48.....ugghh hate when that happens....but I was willing to get over it since the first three miles were awesome!!

3. My kids have been the most well behaved, obedient little buddies lately. They have been getting out of bed on their own, getting dressed, doing their own hair and teeth and then proceeding through the rest of the morning without screaming, arguing or fighting.......they are 5 and 3 (and 8 months but clearly she doesn't do these things) I am waiting to get struck by lightning or for the other shoe to drop or for them to show me some catastrophe they have been hiding!! Until then I will take their sweet, smiling, ready to go attitudes.....I even served a Hershey kiss with breakfast this morning to show my gratitude :)

OOPS I realize it's Friday and I just now getting this up!! Oh well that's my life! Go TINKERBELLS GO! and all other racers this weekend!!


  1. It is amazing how time flies, mine turned 18 years old on Tuesday!

  2. No way is the baby 8 months already! Yikes!
    Yay for Tinkerbell weekend. Wish my kids like Disney so I could justify running that one.