Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday!! Cooollllddd Edition

Sorry to Fuss about the Cold I just really dislike it!!!

1. This week Running= freezing your nuts off! But, at least the cold keeps you moving, if it's that cold when your heart rate is 150 I can't imagine how cold it would be if you stopped to walk, which means this weeks training has gone excellent as I have found motivation to keep moving to stay warm and get back home....I almost caved yesterday and headed for the treadmill but decided I would most defiantly hate that more! This morning 33 degrees never felt so warm (compared to the 17 degrees it was yesterday and the 19 the day before)

2. Frigid people make me insane......ok look I am no longer a city dweller and I get that your pace of life is a little crazier than mine, and you don't normally see one lady and three little ones making their way around town without a bunch of nannies to help them out! But.....I am that Mom and I have no problem dragging three little with me to Whole Foods in the middle of the city...yes I am a nut job, yes my hands are full and yup my kids are well just that, I don't care about your snooty looks and I was sorry my kid "bumped" you with our cart, however after your rude 'tude I'm kinda glad she did! She is only 3 after all and apologized......(disclaimer; I know all city dwellers aren't jerks)

3. Froze toes......When this race popped up on my screen I knew it was for me!! Ha I know it's not on my training plan but it's just a 5k and looks fun!! So that being said On Sunday I am running froze toes in Manassas just for the hell of it!! and I am going to try to do one race every month this year...because I feel like rocking my year like that!

Good luck to anyone braving Old man Winter's wrath this weekend to pump out those runs!! Anyone else experience rude people in the city???

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  1. Have fun at that race . . . I wish I could go too, but we have a bunch going on this weekend.