Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three things Thursday Busy Edition

Wow the new year and we are 12 days in!!! I have just come to accept I will blog when I blog, I clearly can't conform to any set regime, so I will have to make my own! :) Hence, is why I love Three thing Thursday it's an easy and quick catch up!

1. Holy busy schedule batman!! I promised myself after the holidays we were going to slow up a little bit! Turns out when you have a daughter in kindergarten, and competitive dance, a 3 year old in pre-school and non-competitive dance, an 8 month old, and two parents on training plans......uhhhh well let's just say free time and a clean house are lacking.....yikes!!

2. Laundry...does your family make as much laundry as mine ????? I can easily do two loads a day and still be behind. I eventually by some grace or miraculous act catch up, and when I turn around there are 5 more loads to be done.....Maybe I just suck at staying on top of it...or maybe a house with four females and a male just really make that much laundry....don't kid your self male species I would say the one male in this house is the worst offender!

3. I ran a 5k this past weekend!! I had a long run of Six miles on Saturday and it went very well, but I was sore and tired and started to regret my decision to run this 5k, but alas I had paid for it and my whole crew wanted to go.....I tried to make it sound less appealing, as in "do you guys really want to get up that early", "mommy could just do this one by herself" "it's gonna be cold out there!!" They didn't care they wanted to be there!! So at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning we loaded the van and headed for the races. My plan was to meet Pam (fellow tough chik and new friend extraordinaire!)and to take it easy. I had a great race and finished in 33:22 which was a 10:46/min pace. January's race is in the books! and I inspired the whole family to run, when we got home Handsome hit his run and then the little chicks took theirs!` Super cute :) and I have a new friend!! Can't beat that kinda day!

Pam and I after the Race! Tough chiks Rule :)

On a very serious note please continue to pray for Sherry( Cousin of Beth )who went missing on her Run Saturday. Her friends and family are doing their best to spread her story in hopes that someone, somewhere has seen something!!

Have a great weekend!! How long is your long run this weekend???


  1. OY I don't know if I'll get to run "long" this weekend, thanks to recent events. If I do I want to try for a slow 5 but we'll see how it shakes out. Can't wait to see you again soon! PS I live alone and never do laundry, so I'm constantly behind. It sucks.

  2. I don't enjoy laundry either!!! Don't mind the washing just the putting away~ Ugghh!! Sweet that the whole fam ran a race :)