Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three things Thursday...

Wooot it's mini-Friday and more importantly Three things Thursday! So here are three things you know you were dying to find out!

1. My Vibrams showed up today.....hachichacha I am so excited and yes you say that ha-chi-cha-cha, I hope to get a few miles in them tonight! I went completly barefoot on Tuesday night and got caught in a storm, the wet pavement and my little tootsies were not a good combo! I had quite a few blisters! Ouch! But, running in the rain is AMAZING!

2. Itty Bitty had her 2nd birthday party today! We celebrated at the pool with our dear friends and had a great time! It was hot the water was cool and the kids were fun! But, I have about 20 cupcakes left over and I should have just thrown them in the pool because I love them!!

3. The bestie and I decided we would take are five monkeys beautiful children and are extremely unhelpful when the kids go nuts handsome husbands to sesame place this weekend. Y'all better start praying now...pray first that the husbands survive they will be the first two to feel Elmo's wrath when things get sour... Pray secondly for the kids, that when they start acting up I won't go all big bird on their asses...and then you can pray for K and I in hopes that we will not use our 1/2 marathon training and run and run and ruunnnnnnn....far far a way. I kid I kid I am almost positive this is the only family I could be around day in and day out and not contemplate how to drown them in the water park. But, maybe you should all pray that we just have a safe and fun trip!!

Every on have a great weekend, I may not make it back to blog land before we leave tomorrow! Stay cool this weekend! and Go racers go!


  1. What is with the Vibrams lately? Did everyone get a pair? I wore mine for gardening today. ;)
    Kiddo party here this weekend--fairy party for Thing 2!
    Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!
    Have a fun trip and send some cupcakes my way...on second thought, don't.

  2. Happy birthday, Itty Bitty.

    I got new shoes today too; we only have one store in town that carries Vibrams and I can't see them becoming popular up here - at least, not in my conversative town.

    Travel safely.

  3. Love the cross outs :) Vibrams you are BRAVE!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how the Vibrams work for you. I want some, but totally need to buy them in a store.

    Have a great weekend!