Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Five fingers darling--and where have you been?

Alright I know I have been a horrible blogger recently in fact terrible blogger and commenter! Sorry guys to say our summer has been busy would be an understatement! I am sure you all understand, and I know your better then me and get your posts and your runs in!

Anyhow my running has been spotty at best but I have decided to crack down this week, we are ten weeks from the Half and I really am out of excuses! This weekend we went camping and all though my miles were slow and hot I Pumped them out and it felt good, minus the smelling bad because I would not take a shower in a public shower part....what I had deodorant don't judge!

Last night I ordered these babies!!! In Fuchsia...yeah PINK!

I am so excited to get them...wooott...I like barefoot running, it is a new challenge and that always keeps me entertained. I am just afraid of the yuckies around here. (yeah I said yuckies I am the MOM of two toddlers what say you?) So I thought I would give these a whirl, I would love to run the half in them. Did I just hear myself post a new goal?? We will see.

Anyhow, all is well and I am not dead, I have been creeping around in little bits on blogs but not commenting! I will be around I promise! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!


  1. cute!!
    Make sure go you slow in transitioning to the five fingers. The are not barefoot but are pretty close and you still have to strengthen your feet and legs after having worn trainers to run. So don't just throw them on and run for 5 miles. Start with a small amount like a mile or so and just build up gradually.
    Best of luck with them and have fun!!

  2. Mu hubby got me that same pair for our anniversary! They came in the mail already, but he will not let me open the package! Enjoy barefoot running! Take it slow! I have been barefoot running for a few weeks and it takes some getting used to!

  3. I want some too! I could never run barefoot in my neighborhood, there's so much broken glass and the weeds with stickers are awful!

  4. Oh you will have to let me know how you like them. You have peaked my curiousity.

    I have been the same way with blogging this summer. I have fallen way behind.

  5. Can't wait to hear how you like these babies. I think it would be SO fun to give this a shot I just haven't made myself yet. Hope you love them!