Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Never came back......

I always leave my children with "Mommy will always come back" not to be all terminator like and creep them out in an "I'll be back" kinda way but just as a reassurance that I would never leave them deliberately for any reason....EVER! But, when it comes to blogging I can't say that I make the same commitment! I left you all hanging and since that last post was almost an entire year ago, I think the point is moot.....I didn't finish the stupid race I was on crutches for 5 weeks and I am still rehabbing the injury 11 months later, 9 of those months I spent seeing a physical therapist! You guys get it, and I won't go into the obnoxiously long details, to keep it short and sweet, I was frustrated I was mad, and I gave up! I gave up on running, eating healthy and being physically active. I haven't been at or in a race since. I could blame it on a million things, but when I get right down to the heart of it all I know it was just me, not my lack of time, or 3 busy kids, or a husband who is also in the midst of training plans too, it was my mentality and the fact that with the leg injury I had let my toughness go. But, like a dog, my body always comes back begging for more! I want to Run, TRI, and be a part of the community that comes along with it all. I just have not wanted to put in the work to over come a major setback. Until now..... So here I am at the keyboard, stating to the world, that tomorrow it is back on a training plan ( I have actually been building up to one) and back to a plant based diet. So in the spirit of it all I am living Fat Tuesday up to it's fullest! I have missed reading blogs and hearing from all of you! We have sooooo much to catch up on but for now I will leave you with..... "I'll be BACK" All terminator like and everything :)

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  1. Welcome back! I fell out of running last year too and I hated it. It feels so good to be back and I can't wait to see you get your groove back. :)